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I am originally from Mississippi.  I moved to Chattanooga in 2006.  I have grown to love the city and happy to Chattanooga home.  I have a wonderful husband and two amazing sons.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology from Mississippi Valley State University.  I attended UTC and received my Master’s degree in Secondary Education. I've been teaching fifth grade at Lakeside for the past twelve years.  I truly enjoy working with my students and watching them make discoveries on their educational journey of learning.

The 2018- 2019 school year I only teach math and below are my third quarter expectations:


  • Understand volume and cubic units
  • Find volume of right rectangular prisms, including cubes, and composite figures composed of non-overlapping right prisms.
  • Know and apply two formulas to find volume – V = l x w x h and Volume = B x h

Division of Whole Numbers

  • Divide up to 4 digit dividends and 2 digit divisors, using multiple strategies
  • Interpret remainders and report them as a fraction

Division of Decimals

  • Divide whole numbers by decimals and decimals by whole numbers
  • Estimate to assess reasonableness of answers

Division of Unit Fractions

  • Divide a unit fractions by a whole number
  • Divide a whole number by a unit fraction

Numerical Expressions

  • Use order of operations to evaluate numerical expressions
  • Write expressions to record calculations with numbers

Line Plots

  • Make line plots to display data
  • Solve problems using information presented in line plots.


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