Brooke Smith

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Mrs. Brooke Smith AKA
Mrs. BSmith2


I teach fourth grade, literacy and writing. This is my second year at Lakeside. I taught at Hardy Elementary for eleven years. I have my bachelor's degree in Human Learning K-8 and my Master's degree in Reading and Math. 

Throughout the 3rd Quarter, the students should be able to do the following:


  • Add and Subtract Fractions

  • Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers

  • Line Plots

  • Multiply Whole Numbers by a Fraction

  • Fractions and Decimals

  • Compare Decimals

  • Identify and create Points, Lines, Rays, and Angles

Language Arts:

  • Describe characters in depth using their words, thoughts, and actions

  • Explain historical events in a text, including what happened and why, based on specific evidence in a text

  • Summarize a Text

  • Determine the meaning of unknown words and phrases related to 4th grade content and texts

  • Explain structure of texts

  • Compare and contrast two accounts of the same event or topic

  • Interpret information and explain how the information contributes to an understanding of the text

  • Explain how an author supports a point using reasons and evidence

  • Integrate information from multiple texts on the same topic


  • Write clear and cohesive informative/explanatory essays using effective techniques

  • Use planning, revising and editing techniques

  • Draft and publish with technology

  • Conduct short research projects and summarize information gathered from multiple print and digital sources

Foundational Skills:

  • Determine the meaning of unknown words and phrases related to 4th grade content and texts

  • Read grade-level words accurately

  • using decoding strategies

  • Spell grade-level words and write

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