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I graduated from UTC. This is my second year teaching, but my first year at Lakeside Academy! So far, I have really enjoyed Lakeside Academy and the students in my class. I am excited to watch the students continue to grow as we continue with the school year. 

3rd Quarter Expectations: 

The 3rd quarter began on January 7th and will go through March 15th. During this quarter, we will build on the skills that we have learned this year, and dive deeper into the content for First Grade. The following are some of the expectations by subject.

 Literacy Foundations:

  • We will be learning to spell and read words with various long vowel patterns.
  • Reading & writing 80+ sight words and using them correctly in context.
  • Applying correct capitalization & punctuation in writing.
  • Use and apply word endings, conjunctions, contractions, and possessives in context.


  • Understand the central message and main idea of a text.
  • Name characteristics & traits of characters using evidence from the text..
  • Name and use text features to understand the text.
  • Tell how an author gives reasons to explain their thinking using evidence from pictures and words in a text.
  • Make connections between ideas, stories, people, and information in a text.

Writing: We will be reviewing informational and how to writing, as well as, learning to write opinion pieces. 

  • Write informational pieces that name a topic, give at least 3 facts about the topic, and end with a closure.
  • Write “How to” pieces that teach how to do or make something with detailed steps.
  • Write opinion pieces that tell how you feel about a topic, with at least 3 reasons to support your thinking, and end with a closure.

Math: We will be learning to understand numbers and their amounts in order to count and compare them, as well as, dive deeper into counting sets of coins and building on our fact fluency up to 20. 

  • Comparing numbers to tell more or less and solving comparison word problems.
  • Understand that a teen number is made up of 1 ten and some ones.
  • Put together and take apart numbers to Make a Ten in order to solve a problem.
  • Count coins less than $1 and write amounts correctly using the cent symbol.
  • Fluently add and subtract up to 20 using various strategies.
  • Write and solve equations with 3 addends./numbers.
  • Understand place value with tens and ones.
  • Use a 120 chart to count on or back by 1’s and 10’s.
  • Represent 2-digit numbers with groups of tens and ones. Learn to count groups of tens and ones using base ten blocks.
  • Use mental strategies to find 10 more or 10 less than an 2-digit number.
  • Add and subtract multiples of 10.

Science: This quarter we will be exploring ideas of the day and night sky and using tools and models to explain patterns. 

Social Studies: This quarter we will learn about people in our history that have impacted our world. We will also be learning all about Tennessee. 


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