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Hello My Name is Austin Cannon, MS, LPSC

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Hi, My name is Austin Cannon. I am the School Counselor here at Lakeside Academy of Math, Science, and Technology. 

This is my first year here at Lakeside, as well as my first year as a Licensed Professional School Counselor. I graduated from Lee University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Human Development. I then went on to pursue my Master of Science degree at Lee University in School Counseling and graduated in 2018. 

I am very excited and blessed to begin my career here at Lakeside and become a part of the Lakeside family. 

I look forward to being a vital part in educating my students and providing information, support, and guidance in areas of academics, career development, and most of all their social and emotional well-being.  

My Counseling Program Expectations:

Guidance Lessons
I will be teaching guidance lessons on various subjects such as Respect, Responsibility, Courage, etc. These lessons will challenge each student to learn more and understand how these areas of social/emotional well-being are important for their self-growth as well as how to better get along and understand others now and throughout their lives. 
Individual Counseling  
     I am available, through referrals from parents, teachers, staff, and administration, to see students on an individual basis for private individual counseling sessions. The frequency and duration of these sessions will be determined by myself on a situational basis. 

Small Group Counseling
​I plan to have various small groups throughout the school year, depending on student interaction and commitment. These groups will address a certain area of social/emotional conflict or need that a certain number of students are in need of at that time. 

School Counseling Philosophy

     The philosophy of the school counseling program at Lakeside Academy is that all students will work together, with peers and the school staff, to reach their academic, career, and personal/social goals. All students will be given the resources they need to accomplish their highest goals, regardless of the students' ethnicity, culture, race, religion, or gender.

School Counseling Mission Statement
The mission of the school counseling program at Lakeside Academy is to provide students with all the resources needed  to accomplish their academic, career, and personal/social goals by using a STEM teaching method along with a Growth Mindset. At Lakeside Academy, we expect all of our students to reach for the stars and believe that they can accomplish anything. We see mistakes and failures as learning experiences that will shape us into successful, contributing members of society. 

All information disclosed in any counseling setting will be kept confidential EXCEPT when: There is a reason to suspect child abuse or neglect, a clear threat of bodily harm to self or others, or when court intervenes under court order.

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