Penney Letbetter

Hello My Name Is...

Penney Letbetter

Ms. Letbetter and her cat

I am the librarian and have the privilege of seeing all students weekly from PreK to 5th grade. In the library students learn how to be curious and use tools to find answers. In the upper grades students also learn how to use our library website to search for books,  place a hold on a book, see what books they have checked out, These skills then translate to using our links to information sites. These sites can help them with class projects.

In the lower grades students learn about the different areas of the library and how to find books in those areas, taking care of books, and returning books when they are done. They also have activities that help them relate to books. 

I have been at Lakeside Academy for 14 years, and librarian for 10 years. I have raised 3 sons and they all attended Lakeside. I also have a dog and 2 cats, but my students mostly only hear about my sons and one cat. This ONE cat is bad tempered, just the like book character, Bad Kitty.

When I am not at school I enjoy hiking at state parks in Tennessee. I have learned a lot about our state through our state parks. 

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